Package 0805 (SMD 1912)

  • circuit substrate: glass laminated epoxy
  • lead free solderable, soldering pads: gold plated
  • RoHS and REACH conform
  • All devices sorted into luminous intensity classes
  • taped in 8 mm blister tape, cathode to transporting perforation
  • 3,000 pcs /reel, Reel-size 180mm (Standard)
  • Position in Tape: Tape-up or Tape-down

Product finder Package 0805 (SMD 1912)

Product nameReferenceModificationSeriesWavelenght [nm]Radiant intensity [mW]Intensity [mcd]Forward Current [mA]Viewing angle [deg.]Data sheetShopRequest
OLS-170 SB430OLS-170 SB430Standard1704235.1520140
OLS-176 BA460OLS-176 BA460Low Current17646062120
OLS-170 GC525EOLS-525-292 Standard17052540020140
OLS-170 PGOLS-170 PG Standard170556420140
OLS-172 PG/PGOLS-172 PG/PGBipolar - monocolor172562420120
OLS-180 PGOLS-180 PGLow height1805624.020140
OLS-176 HYGOLS-176 HYG Low Current17657052120
OLS-170 HYGOLS-170 HYG Standard1705727220140
OLS-170 SYGOLS-170 SYG Standard1705721220140
OLS-176 GOLS-176 G Low Current1765721.22120
OLS-180 HYGOLS-180 HYGLow height1805725020140
OLS-172 SYG/SYGOLS-172 SYG/SYGBipolar - monocolor1725722020120
OLS-180 SYGOLS-180 SYGLow height1805722020140
OLS-170 HYOLS-170 HY Standard17059015020140
OLS-170 YOLS-170 Y Standard1705905.520140
OLS-172 HY/HYOLS-172 HY/HYBipolar - monocolor17259015020120
OLS-176 HSDOLS-176 HSD Low Current17659014.42120
OLS-176 HYOLS-176 HY Low Current1765900.62120
OLS-176 YOLS-176 Y Low Current176590132120
OLS-180 HYOLS-180 HYLow height18059015020140
OLS-172 Y/YOLS-172 Y/YBipolar - monocolor1725901220120
OLS-180 YOLS-180 YLow height1805905.520140
OLS-173 Y/GOLS-173 Y/GBipolar - bicolor173yellow 590/green 572yellow 12.0/green 12.020120
OLS-170 SUDOLS-170 SUD Standard17060513020140
OLS-172 SUD/SUDOLS-172 SUD/SUDBipolar - monocolor17260513020120
OLS-180 SUDOLS-180 SUDLow height18060513020140
OLS-170 HDOLS-170 HD Standard17061515020140
OLS-180 HDOLS-180 HDLow height18061515020140
OLS-172 HD/HDOLS-172 HD/HDBipolar - monocolor17261513020120
OLS-172 SD/SDOLS-172 SD/SDBipolar - monocolor1726251220120
OLS-170 HSDOLS-170 HSDStandard17062516020120
OLS-170 SDOLS-170 SD Standard1706251220140
OLS-176 SDOLS-176 SD Low Current1766250.62120
OLS-180 HSDOLS-180 HSDLow height18062512020140
OLS-180 SDOLS-180 SDLow height1806251220140
OLS-172 HSD/HSDOLS-172 HSD/HSDBipolar - monocolor17262512020120
OLS-173 SD/SYGOLS-173 SD/SYGBipolar - bicolor173red 625/green 572red 7.0/green 12.020120
OLS-173 SD/YOLS-173 SD/YBipolar - bicolor173red 625/yellow 590red 12.0/green 12.020120
OLS-179 SD/GOLS-179 SD/GBipolar - bicolor low current179orange 625/green 572orange 0.6/green 0.42120
OLS-179 MR/YOLS-179 MR/YBipolar - bicolor low current 179red 630/yellow 590red 3.88/yellow 0.32120
OLS-179 HR/HY OLS-179 HR/HY Bipolar - bicolor low current 179red 632/yellow 590red 10.0/yellow 15.02120
OLS-179 HR/HYGOLS-179 HR/HYGBipolar - bicolor low current 179red 632/yellow 572red 10.0/5 yellow 2120
OLS-170 HROLS-170 HRStandard1706328520120
OLS-172 HR/HROLS-172 HR/HRBipolar - monocolor1726328520120
OLS-180 HROLS-180 HRLow height1806328520140
OLS-176 UROLS-176 UR Low Current1766503.52120
OLS-170 UROLS-170 URStandard17065020120
OLS-172 UR/UROLS-172 UR/URBipolar - monocolor1726503520120
OLS-180 UROLS-180 URLow height1806503520140
OIS-170 660OIS-170 660Standard17066020120
OIS-170 670OIS-170 670Standard17067020120
OIS-170 675OIS-170 675Standard17067520120
OIS-170 690OIS-170 690Standard17069030120
OIS-170 700OIS-170 700Standard17070030120
OIS-170 724OIS-170 724Standard17072430120
OIS-170 740OIS-170 740Standard17074030120
OIS-170 775EOLS-770-193Standard17077550120
OIS-170 810OIS-170 810Standard17081030120
OIS-170 IT855OIS-170 IT855Standard17085530120
OIS-170 875pEOLS-880-293Standard1708752.150120
OIS-180 880OIS-180 880Low height1808752.5 mW/sr50140
OIS-170 880Standard170880 2,120120
OIS-170 885OIS-170 885Standard17088550120
OIS-170 905OIS-170 905Standard17090550120
OIS-170 920OIS-170 920Standard17092050120
OIS-170 IT940OIS-170 IT940Standard17094050120
OIS-170 950OIS-170 950Standard17095050120
OIS-170 1020pOIS-170 1020pStandard170102050120
OIS-170 1050pOIS-170 1050pStandard170105050120

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