Panel-level manufacturing of hermetic glass-ceramic enclosures (PaLeGlaK)

Funded within the framework of the Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM) of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK)

Project Content:

UV LEDs offer a wide range of applications from disinfection to spectroscopy and illumination, but remain a challenging development topic with good to very good market potential. Conventional LED packaging technologies are not sufficient here. The components are still very expensive and are also sensitive to moisture and possibly oxidizing gases such as oxygen and hydrogen sulfide. Since these light sources are used extensively in fresh and process water treatment, the environment does not provide protection from these influences, but rather brings them into close proximity to the components. Individual enclosure technologies exist for hermetically sealing the components, but these lead to further increases in the price of the already expensive semiconductors.
This is where PaLeGlaK comes in. By appropriately choosing ceramic and glass plates that are patterned and metallized, dozens of devices can be hermetically or quasi-hermetically assembled in larger areas in a single step and then singulated without contaminating the semiconductor. This type of panel level assembly of both substrate (ceramic) and cap (glass), is new and needs to be developed.
Project partners: Technical University of Berlin and EPIGAP OSA Photonics GmbH.