Components and parts for the highest quality requirements with specialized measurements and qualifications.


Audrey Kortenbeutel

Test and qualification

The development of components and parts for the highest quality demands is only possible with accompanying qualification and extensive testing. In addition to our automated series measurement technology, a wide range of specialized measurements and qualifications can be performed in our central measurement laboratory.

A coordinated test and measurement program is used in series production. This is defined during development and in close consultation with the customer. Common tests include, for example:

  • fully automated measurement of radiant intensity, peak wavelength, spectrum and derived quantities as well as electrical characteristics on chip as well as on device level
  • Visual inspection and quality testing based on defect catalogs
  • Leak test on capped components (fineleak, grossleak)
  • Bond quality testing, pull test, shear test
  • Binning according to customer requirements
  • Burn-In

All measurement data can be stored in a database and processed for statistical evaluation. After consultation, you will receive the information relevant to you in a suitable form (chain of custody, measurement protocols, complete data in digitally evaluable form). Before the start of series production, development is accompanied by a coordinated qualification process. Depending on the requirements, various processes are possible:

  • Electro-optical characterization (spectral measurements between 200nm and 2500nm)
  • Power measurements in cw and pulse mode
  • Characteristic curve recording
  • Pulse duration measurement
  • Radiation behavior (goniometric measurement)
  • Lifetime/Degradation
  • All tests are possible on chip as well as on component level.
  • All tests can be performed depending on the temperature.

All tests can be performed depending on the temperature. These include:

  • Temperature cycling tests -40°C to 150°C
  • Damp heat according to DIN EN / MIL
  • Pull test
  • Shear Test
  • ESD Human Body Modell

Other methods: Cross-section preparation, optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy with EDX.