Security technologySpecial lighting, sensors, measurement technology and displays using LEDs and photodiodes.

Our products are used in security and sensor systems as well as rangefinders and near infrared (NIR) illumination


Bianca Maria Berti

Sales Manager
South/West Europe


Our LEDs and photodiodes are successfully used in the field of safety technologies for special lighting, sensors, measurement technology and displays. They are characterized by high reliability, low power consumption and long-term stability over their entire lifetime. This applies to all EPIGAP components available in the spectral range from 280nm to 1750nm.

Our customized components, whose characteristics are perfectly matched to the application conditions, deserve special mention. Our components have proven themselves in the following applications:

Binoculars and rangefinders
Target optics of all kinds, red dot sights, illumination of telescopic sights
Miniatur displays

Near Infrared (NIR) Illumination

VIS-NIR illumination for deposit bottle vending machines

Optical measuring systems for banknote verification
Integrated near-infrared sensor for face and skin recognition

UV and infrared illumination

Flame sensors for burner control

We are in close contact with our customers at all stages of product development and manufacturing. Our focus is particularly on quality, reliability and service, keeping an eye on manufacturing costs as well as the availability of key components over the entire manufacturing period.

Please ask us, we will be happy to advise you!

Made in Berlin.


You can find us in the green and lush suburb of Köpenick on the outskirts of the city.



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