Our detectors include components from UV to SWIR based on silicon carbide, silicon and InGaAs chips.

With our range of components in different packages for the different spectral sensitivity ranges, diverse applications are supported.
The detectors are characterized by a low dark current and different active areas.

Product finder

Product nameReferencePackagePeak Wavelenght [nm] Spectral range [nm]MaterialActive Area [mm²]Data sheetRequest
EOPD-280-0-0.3-1THT TO-52265210 - 355SiC0.1
EOPD-525-0-2.25-1THT TO-39525480 - 560GAP/GaP5
EOPD-525-1-0:9-1SMD 3216525410 - 580GaP0.73
EOPD-525-1-0:9-2SMD 3216 with lens525410 - 580GaP0.73
EOPD-880-0-0.5THT TO46 with lens890800 - 9600.17
EOPD-940-0-2.52THT TO-5940350 - 1100Si5
EOPD-940-0-3.57THT TO-5940400 - 1100Si10
EOPD-940-0-5.8QTHT TO-5940400 - 1100Si4 x 1.44
EOPD-940-0-15THT TO-5940400 - 1100Si15
EOPD-950-0-1.2THT TO-46, glass window cap950250 - 1100planar pn-Si photodiode1.21
EOPD-950-0-1.2-1THT TO-46, glass window cap950250 - 1100planar pn-Si photodiode1.2
EOPD-950-1-1.2SMD 3030950250 - 1100planar pn-Si photodiode1.2
EOPD-1300-0-0.1-1THT TO-461300800 - 1750PIN - InGaAs0.1
EOPD-1300-0-0.3.1THT TO-461300800 - 1750InGaAs0.3
EOPD-1300-0-0.8-1THT TO-461300800 - 1750PIN - InGaAs0.8
EOPD-1300-0-1.0-1THT TO-461300600 - 1750PIN - InGaAs1
EOPD-1300-0-1.5-3THT TO-461300800 - 1750PIN - InGaAs1.5
EOPD-1300-1-0.3SMD 1206 (3216)1300InGaAs/InP0.3
EOPD-1300-5-0.3THT 5 mm plastic1600800 - 1750InGaAs/InP0.3