Industrial sensor technology
Automation by using LED chips,
LEDs, photodiodes and CoB modules


Antje Thamm

Vice President Sales & Marketing


Our products and customised solutions are used in many optical sensors, such as light barriers, luminescence, colour and contrast sensors. For special lighting situations, high-power LEDs are manufactured in the wavelength range from ultraviolet to infrared.

Our LEDs, photodiodes and customized COB modules are successfully used in the fields of special lighting, industrial sensor technology and automation. They can be integrated into optoelectronic sensors in a space-saving design and impress with their long durability and low energy consumption combined with low costs for maintenance and operation. Our components are ready for use without a delay in switching on and are robust against mechanical stress. All components in the wavelength range between 280 nm and 1750 nm are designed for applications in industrial environments.

Light grids and barriers
Optical encoder
Proximity and area sensors

Optical power sensors
Color and contrast sensors
Analyzers for substances and materials
Flame detectors

Through-beam and retro-reflective photoelectric sensors
Security and sensor systems
Motion detector

LED lighting with customized wavelengths
Ring- and backlights

Luminescence sensors
Optoelectronic instruments
Portable test kits for on-site measurement of nutrients and biomarkers

We are in close contact with our customers at all stages of product development and manufacturing. Our focus is particularly on quality, reliability and service, keeping an eye on manufacturing costs as well as the availability of key components over the entire manufacturing period.

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Chips, LEDs, SMDs or detectors – our components for your optoelectronic solution.
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