Medical technology and biophotonicsAchieving miniaturisation through LED chips, LEDs, SMDs and CoB modules

Our opto electronic components can be found in smart, sustainable industrial sensors and are used in automation, security, diagnostics as well as medical and biotechnology.They can be integrated into high end products and stand out for their longevity, low energy consumption as well as their space-saving attributes.


Martin Gruenefeld

Sales Manager
Product line SMD


Our products are successfully used in products from the fields of medical technology, water analysis and biophotonics. They offer the possibility of automating processes and miniaturizing equipment, thus helping to reduce the need for expensive reagents and the process times of analysis. The cost of analytical technology can be significantly reduced. An additional positive effect can be the improvement of treatment options for the patient by shortening the treatment time or providing a more accurate diagnosis. These significant advantages of optoelectronic solutions open up in the entire wavelength range from ultraviolet, visible to infrared.

Ocular inspection

Blood glucose monitors
Surgical instruments
NIR spectrometer for blood oxygen saturation

Measuring devices for checking the nutrient content in foodstuffs

LED lighting in handpieces and instruments

Herpes treatment through light therapy

Dialysis machines
Clinical analyzers for a wide variety of reagents, such as blood for testing for pathogens or drugs

We are in close contact with our customers at all stages of product development and manufacturing. Our focus is particularly on quality, reliability and service, keeping an eye on manufacturing costs as well as the availability of key components over the entire manufacturing period.

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